Baucis and Philemon Picture

In Greek Mythology Baucis and Philemon were an old married couple are the only ones in their town to welcome disguised gods Zeus and Hermes into their home. Because of this Zeus decided to spare their lives and kill all the other towns people with a large flood. So Zeus took th couple up to a hill where he made a temple, and placed the couple as its care taker. The two served there for a long time but eventually grew old and as one of them was on their death bed they pleaded to Zeus to let them die together. He said yes and turned them both into trees that embraced for the rest of eternity. That is until they were cut down for more housing... Either way the story shows love, which is the theme of this picture. Can you find the hidden heart?!!!

Done with tissue paper, prisma markers, ink, water colors, and media gloss. This was a collaborative artwork between me and Alexandria Vasquez.
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