Hell: Sin Picture

I'm going to try and do a series of pictures of the beings in Hell. Sin is the first. The clock in the back doubles as a stained glass window, and the red reflection on the black walls is an allusion to "The Masque of the Red Death", by Edgar Allen Poe. It's the idea of inevitability, as human's are naturally sinful creatures (hence Jesus's purpose for coming down the earth). You can take it even further in that before the Reformation, people were buying forgiveness, like how the Prince and his courtiers spent all this money escaping death. The clock is an astrological clock, which can tie into all the mythologies that John Milton blamed Satan and his demons for. Around the clock are the latin names for the Seven Deadly Sins in their signature colours.

Sin came out looking like a Vogue model, but I don't really mind. I wish that people actually DID dress like in Vogue. Also, for those who don't know, Sin is the literal brain-child of Satan (y'know, like Athena with Zeus), and the mother of Death, who is Satan's son. Yes, there is some messed up shit in Christianity...

This took me FOREVAR~! I blame it all on the clock. Oh well, it was worth it. And I love "my" Sin....she is one of those characters that would get on your nerves with the was she dresses and stuff (well, MY nerves....I don't like characters that are all big-boobed and sexy), but she's such a feminist, and she acts like a queen.

Holy Crap, that's a lot of information to take in @[email protected]
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