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INFO'S ON PICTURE_____________________________-
William is the smoky grey wolf he is the first werewolf and so of the greek god Zeus and Goddess Hera in Last Moon hes triplet brothers are Lucian(first Lycan and first born) hes not in the picture and Lunar the yellow and grey wolf(first vampire and second born). the wolf in the back round is their father i don't know if he should have gold eyes like RavenFur or stormy grey eyes. the song is brothers from FMA Brotherhood.i CANT DRAW HUMANS WELL so thats why they are wolves. Werewolves don't have tails(except for Wulf/WulfRam William's youngest son/child twin of RavenClaw) only lycans have tails both are bipedal.

BACK ROUND FOR PICTURE__________________________
William has large x shaped scar on his chest which he got from the dragon king/ king of the mythical gave him in a fight when he was tring to steal one of William and lunar's granddaughters' named Flame Venus Valkyrie/NightWhisper, for lunar. The reason Willam and lunar in this part of the story hate each other is because they think that they are lying about what happened on the Death Moon(has only happen once it causes werewolves, lycans, and vampires to act like they do on the full and blood moons, but they cant remember anything) neither would have blamed the other for what happened they where just upset that they wouldn't own up to the deed. In reality it was draco who did it he told the brothers he saw them near their children that night.Lucian his son George and the Lycans were netural when it came to either vampire or werewolf conflict. RavenFur is also William's granddaughter she is the child of williams son jeramya and williams only daughter RavenClaw sence they are the elders( the first of a species) in is not considered imbreeding. to clear things up the greek gods where the same Hera is Zeus's older sister. William's and Lunar's wives are their sisters Luna(vampire/first out of the twin sisters) and RavenFeather ( werewolf/second out of the twin sisters). William has 8 children and 2 grandchildren, Lunar has 1 daughter(spark Flames mother) , and Lucian's son was created for him by his father because he was never ment to settle down. Zeus treated William like an outcast when he was 1600 yrs (16 for mythical creatures) because he was a runt. William soon bulked up and became bigger and stronger than his triplet brothers. William treated Wulf/WulfRam like that except he didn't kick Wulf out of the Family. Don't go hating Zeus or William they cared so much for their sons that it broke their hearts to have do that, especially after draco murder Wulf the same day he kidnapped Flame. Don't worry he is resurrected hundreds of years later. All 3 brothers and their wives have dark red eyes. the rest of the background is for the story.

STORY BEHIND PICTURE____________________-_-_____

William was injured by a group of vampire assassins sent by Lunar. The assassins failed, but William was still hurt. William lay on the in pain. Oh how he wished the wounds would have killed him. He didn't want to deal with the pain anymore, the pain of losing his mate, his only daughter, his youngest son and child, and losing one of his grandchildren. He didn't care how angry Zeus (his father who hated) got. The only thing William wanted was rest. then he remembered his other sons, they needed him more importantly his pride and joy RavenFur now only grandchild needed him. She was a runt like he used to be and Wulf was. Normally he would have killed a runt as a pup , but not one of his descendants.She was maybe only 300(3) years old . William closed his eyes, today wasn't the day. Oh how he felt like a fool;a tear rolled down his cheek. If only he would have taken responsibility for that night at least he'd still have both of his brothers. Lunar paced back and fourth in his study waiting for the " good" news. William must have been in so much pain. This would truly be his fault, Lucian might even take Williams side if William did in fact die tonight. Flame, who William thought she was dead, was asleep in my bed. She was the same age as my great niece malinka. Poor child this would be so hard for her to lose her grandfather like this. This war was because of his brother and him. Lunar knew neither of them could claim innocents , but he knew deep down he didn't do it. He couldn't believe either of them could have done Death Moon or no Death Moon. His assistant ran in out of breath, which would be almost impossible for a vampire. " Lunar my lord, the...the... William is..." he gasped, the fear of losing was sinking in. Lunar held the lower vampire's shoulders and hissed "well out with it".A lump came to Lunar's throat, "William is alive unfortunately" said the assistant. Lunar sighed with relief and ordered the man to leave. Lunar leaned onto his chair and began to cry. Today was not his brothers day, deep down beyond the hate and the pain he hoped that day would never come for him or his brother. On Olympus Zeus watched his sun. William was much stronger as where his brothers, but they had no idea what lay ahead of the especially William. William was weak and losing a lot of blood. his eye where still closed when the howls of his sons echoed through the woods. He would go home today and when did he would make sure RavenFur was safe and Tomorrow he would have a meeting with his brother and Lunar. Hopefully Lucian would stop them from killing each other if it came to that.

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