Hera - Queen of Olympus Picture

Hera - Queen of Olympus

Unhappy Queen She was a goddess of the marriage and family, but through constant infidelities Zeus, went crazy out of jealousy.
Actually, it is hard to be surprised at her All the time she looked her husband after, and she was so vigilant, that they said about her, that she had 100 pairs of eyes This many, how many the peacock has on the tail, therefore this bird was sacrificed to her.
As can be seen, Goddesses are also unhappy
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I am thanking:

*Lisajen-stock for the Hera [link]

~FoV-Scenery-Stock for the gazebo which is pretending Olympus [link]

*3DigitalStock for the crown of Hera [link]

~binarystock for the background to the picture [link]

~Fune-Stock for the Earth up to feet of Hera [link]

~LunaNYXlivingstock for the brushes, thanks to which I done clouds [link]

and *TammySue also, for brushes of the clouds [link]

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