MLP Serendipty App- Heart Picture

Name: Lute Heartstring

Nickname: Heart (Please don't ever ever ever call her Lute, she hates it)

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140lbs

Catchphrase: "*sarcasm everywhere* Would you care to learn about Zeus our lord and savoir?"

Cutie Mark: heart has always loves music cal instruments, her parents had played them as well as her older brother. One day, her father gave her a lute, the instrument after which she was named. After playing it for countless hours and loving every minute of it, her Cutie Mark appeared. It allows her to play most 'olden' instruments well, the Lute being the one she's best at

+Greek mythology
+Warm weather
+Food. A lot

-Cold weather
-Crowed spaces
-Having nothing to do

Personality: Heart is very silly, she jokes around all the time and has a hard time being serious. She tries to turn everyone's frown into a smile. She is an extrovert, so she loves people. She is always looking for people to meet. if she likes you enough, she'll play music for you. She generally gets along well with anyone, but she will definitely stay away from you if she knows you don't like her. She doesn't cry easily, but she has a slight temper, so don't set her off. She is by no means passive aggressive. She will try her best to please you. She will try very very very hard to make you impressed. She will get upset if you compare her to someone better than her.

History: Heart is the oreo filling in her family. She has one older brother and one younger sister. Her family is very into music, so naturally she went into it too. Her parents play all instruments and are in an Orchestra. Her brother, was never into classical music. He enjoyed guitars and drums. Heart on the other hand, had no clue what music she liked. Her family pushed her with classical instruments while her brother tried to get her into guitar. She was becoming overwhelmed and doubted she would live up to the musician name in her family. On her 8th birthday, she received a large package, containing a Lute. Heart thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. She spent hours a day playing it. After showing her parents a song she had learned to play on her Lute, her cutie Mark came into being.
After her little sister was born, Heart became upset because her parents didn't take notice of her any more. No matter how hard she tried, she felt like she couldn't please them. This is how she became obsessed with making people proud of her. She was a straight A student and never did anything bad, but still she felt her parents didn't love her any more because they were so focused on her new baby sister. And this is how the Heart we all know came to be.

Talents: Playing most any instrument, comforting people, soccer

Flaws: Extremely clumsy, tries to impress everyone, boasts a lot

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