Pandora's Box Picture

Mythology: Pandora

Zeus ordered Hephaestus to make a mixture of earth and water and from it to create a woman
as beautiful as a goddess. When she was ready, Athena adorned her and taught her how to wave,
while Aphrodite endowed her with grace and passion, the Graces and Peitho garlanded her with
gold ribbons and the Hours decorated her with Spring flowers. Hermes, on the other hand, put
malicious and lying words into her heart. Zeus called her Pandora, because she had received gifts
(dora) from all the gods, and sent her off to Epimetheus. Bewitched by her beauty, he fell in love with
her and took her out to mankind to see. Pandora's fate was to be the cause of all human misfortune,
because she opened the lid of a jar from which evils of all kinds immediately spilled out to fill the world.
Only HOPE was left in the jar, because Pandora closed the lid again at the last moment. As a result,
mankind - who until that time had known no pain, sickness or death - was doomed to everlasting


Character and props rendered in Poser, background, dress, hair and composition made with Photoshop.
Stuff used are my own resources and purchased items.

Background by ~nathies-stock [link]


Thank you for your time
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