Kronos - Titan of Time Picture

Here's Kronos:

Kronos is the youngest child of Oranos and Gaia and is Zeus' father. He is the Titan of time and of the harvest. He is commonly refrenced as Father Time. He weilds a black sickle that he used to castrate his father. He is married ot Rheia, Titaness of fertility and the (offical) first king of Olympus. (Unoffically, it would be Oranos.)

Kronos is sometimes considered babaric or evil. In fact, he is mostly misunderstood. While Kronos did some nasty things to his children, deep down in his heart, he loves themm very much. In fact, when Zues was getting brutally attacked by Jehovah, it was Kronos who saved him. Although he'd never say it, Kronos does love his father.

Kronos was the first (in terms of Oranos, Gaia, and Kronos) to die by Jehovah's hands. Kronos full supported his father's idea to inhabit humans unti lthe time was right. Kronos was orriganlly going to inhabit the soul of Mike's father ,but he need someone young and strong. So, he went after Mike. Although Kronos starts out evil (He is angrey at Oranos for killing Gaia), Kronos finds redemption and helps Oranos battle Jehoavah.


Kronos... gotta love his design. A simple idea for Kronos was that of a wingless gargoyle... with a few add-ons. He appears more barbaric and impish then his parents, but Kronos is just as sophistcated (sp?) Where Gaia is all about magic, Kronos is all about melee combat. Basically, he's like the "rogue" of the titans. Where Gaia is a mage/priest and Oranos is a shaman. (All WoW refences
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