Firo The Winged God Picture

This is a picture I drew for my English class for my Greek myth. I used "The Thinker" by Auguste Robin as a reference as you may have noticed the resemblance. This picture was touched up on Gimp, but the only main difference is that this one looks more like a painting. (The blood looks better in the original, but I suppose you can't win them all?) -The pencil version is being used as a front cover...

If you're interested in why I used "The Thinker", or only one wing, or blood for that matter... Well, it's all part of the myth really. "The Winged God", or "Firo", sits on the mountain side overlooking the village not daring to go any further. He wants to help the people in the village, but not be seen by the people. Unlike the other gods who demanded praise of the mortals, Firo just wanted to help. It's kind of a long story, but Zeus ends up slicing off his wings and the feathers turned into dandelion seeds that floated off into the air. And when someone wished upon a seed, Firo the now Wingless God, would grant their wish.
Well, I hope you got the main gist of it. ^^'
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