VIRGO Picture

Western Sign---Virgo
Element --Earth
Indian Sign --Kanya
Element --Prithivi (earth)
Chinese Sign --Rooster (10)
Trine --2nd

played song - Bagatelle - Yann Tiersen/Dominique A

According to one interpretation[citation needed], the Virgo constellation depicts Astraea, the virgin daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess Themis. Astraea was known as the goddess of justice, and was identified as this constellation due to the presence of the scales of justice (Libra) nearby, and supposedly ruled the world with her wise ways until mankind became so callous that she returned to the skies, disgusted. Virgo is also indentified with Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of agriculture and guardian of marriage). Persephone was the goddess of innocence and purity, then later on became the Queen of the Underworld, when she was abruptly snatched away by Hades.

Astrologers broadly agree that the following are the characteristics of Virgo: [9] The Virgo person is shrewd, critically inclined, judicious, patient, logical, meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytical, industrious, efficient, thorough, methodical, exacting, precise, detail-oriented, shy, observant, critical, work- and service-oriented, painstaking, pragmatic, modest, discreet, health- and cleanliness-conscious, mentally active, and flexible.

They can also be fussy, nervous, pedantic, petty, over-critical, self-conscious, harsh, perfectionist, and conservative.

Suitable occupations are where analytical and practical, methodical qualities are needed; such as doctor, teacher, psychologist, nursing and health and hygiene sectors, scientist, accountant, secretary, inspector. In medical astrology, Virgo governs the intestines and digestion

Most compatible: Capricorn, Taurus.
Semi compatible: Cancer, Scorpio.
Likes- Health foods, lists, hygiene, order, wholesomeness, cleanliness, penny-pinching
Dislikes- Hazards to health, sloppy, and narrow-minded people, squalor, being uncertain, uncleanliness

Physical traits
Astrologers believe that each of the twelve signs have identifiable physical traits. Physically, it is thought that individuals born under the sign of Virgo tend to have a graceful figure, a roundish head, delicately-shaped lips, large and clear eyes, small, symmetrical, and refined features, a high forehead, long arms and thin eyebrows. They are thought to usually be of slightly above average height

The astrological symbol of Virgo is said to represent the arms and torso of the virgin holding a sheaf of wheat.
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