Myrmidons Picture

From the Greek word for "ants".

I'm a huge Greek mythology buff when I was growing up and two stories involving ants come to mind when I was thinking of a good title for this: the first one has one of Zeus' sons, Aeacus.html">Aeacus, praying to him to "grant me just as many subjects, and fill my empty walls," after being left alone in the island of Aegina for so long. The lord of Olympus grants him his prayers by transforming the ants into human beings.

The other has them helping Psyche's second task, Psyche.html">sorting out poppy seeds from lentils before daybreak. This was a cruel test assigned to her by her Aphrodite.html">mother-in-law to break her will and hopefully kill her before she has chance of finding the whereabouts of her Eros.html">husband. Ick.

Both are interesting stories to say the least.
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