Vizard OC -- Gemini 2 Picture

And here is the other Gemini twin...

Name -- Thomas Acheson
Status -- Vizard
Height -- 5'9"
Reiatsu -- Green
Tattoo -- Gemini symbol on left hip
Nationality -- English
Sword -- Pollux (one of the twin sons of Zeus in Greek mythology)
Release -- "While two are apart, they converge"
Shikai -- Bo staff that creates and manipulates the surrounding air currents

Personality -- Thomas is quite similar in personality to his brother but they differ highly on clothing styles. Thomas is versatile and youthful. Always acting much younger than he actually is. Equally as intelligent as his brother, Thomas does not apply himself as he should, he is lively but a bit of a slacker. He gets very nervous in high pressure situations, like fighting but distracts himself by being inquisitive and asks a lot of unneccessary questions.

*known by his brother as Tommy

Story -- an unknown member of the Research and Development Deptartment constructed a virus (similar to the one that Aizen used) and sent it to the world of the living to find individuals that best represented a variety of personality traits symbolized by the Western Zodiac. The virus found 13 individuals with a high level of spirtual power all over the world.

Thomas worked at a skateboard-like store prior to his vizard 'infection'.
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