Horkus Picture

Some of you have expressed a sort of liking for this guy, so I figured I should let you see what he looks like in color.
Horkus--Jusjurandum to the Romans. God of oaths and promises, punisher of perjurers, and Hades' sarcastic secretary.

The office jerk. Spends most of his working hours on the phone with his long-time, would-they-just-get-married-already?! girlfriend, Dike, goddess of justice. Occasionally spits in Hades' coffee. Is paid far better than he'll ever admit.

Son of Eris--goddess of discord and strife--by an unknown daimon father. (Making him grandson of Zeus & Hera, nephew of Hermes, and great-nephew of Hades, if you're keeping track of the family tree.)

DIS: Life is Hell @ Dead Squirrel Comics

(c) J. E. Seames 2007
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