My Hetalia OC- Crete Picture

Thia is Crete and her wolf Eros

Crete's background is very compolecated. Her birth parents brought her to Hades' temple to die. When they left Hades took her in to live with him and Persephone. Zeus caught wind of this and ordered him to Mt. Olympus.
She was the child of the gods. All of the markings on her body are from the gods. Crete liked Hermes most. Even as a baby.
When he went to the Underworld to drop of the dead he brought her little trinkets the he swore he 'payed' for them. He still does.
Crete takes after Hades more personality wise. She doesn't like Zeus much, but she tolerates him. Crete dosen't care much for Aphrodite either. But she'd never say aloud.
If you smite or doubt the gods, in Aphrodite's case, you would never love. And the people who truly did stopped. Crete stopped anyone who dared talked trash about Aphrodite. Anyone. Even Turkey.
Once Crete and Greece were talking about Greek Mythology and the subject of Aphrodite was brought up. Turkey, interrupted in oh-so-rudely, and was about to say:
"Man, that Aphro-chick sounds like a real bitc-" and before he could finish his remark, Crete had already tackled Turkey to the ground and clamped a hand over his mouth and hissed: "Do want love to be forever taken away from you, dumbass?!"
That's devotion right there baby.
Crete is often mistaken for Pandora. They both hold a similar title. Pandora was sculpted out of clay by Hephaestus. The gods creation(something like that...) .
In fact, when Crete was young she introduced herself to Greece as 'Child of The Gods'. And he extended his hand and said "Hello. Nice to meet you Pandora"
..Crete was crushed...D;
Growing up so close to Greece she developed a natural disliking to Turkey. During a world war(i forgot witch one) Crete officially joined Greece as an Island, and rebelled againts the Ottoman Empire(Turkey).
In childhood Crete was a gods child and a island as she got older.
Hades gave her Eros when she was 3. Crete is now 17. Eros dies when Crete dies.
Crete gets along well with all of her allies even those who weren't friends or enemies, like Poland. But, Crete had this life long determination to get Americas apple pie recipe. She resorted to stalking him in the kitchen. She never got the recipe though..
Besides Greece, her best friend was Russia. She knew he could be cruel. But also knew he wasn't aware of his cruelness. When they were first introduced Crete stepped out of her comfort zone to say he was like a big Russian teddy bear. And hugged him. Then immediately let go and apologized.
She loves the Baltic's. And Denmark.
She was pretty cool with everyone. Even her and Turkey had their friendly moments.
Cretes not very talkative. But hates it when people ask her- "Why aren't you talkative?" or anything in that matter. There's nothing to talk about! That's why shes not talkative!..If there was she would be talking!
...She so freaking American.. And America loves that! But gets depressed when she says she doesn't like hamburgers. Crete Likes french fries and chicken more.
Crete thinks of England as a nice guy, but a complete nut.
France thinks shes a born leader. He gives her a lot of self confidence. And never tried to cop a feel..Which scared her to death.
The writing on her chest plate spells Hades in Greek. And her shield says Crete in Greek.

Oh....My.....God..... I wrote that?
Well this is my Hetalia OC Crete. Enjoy
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