Unknown Tower: Adrastia(Katherina) Picture

Name: Adrastia Katherina Calligenia (Ah-drah-stay-ah Cat-er-een-a Cah-leh-gin-nay-ya)

ADRASTIA: Latin form of Greek Adrasteia, meaning "inescapable" or "not running away." In mythology, this is the name of a nymph who cared for the infant Zeus, and also an epithet belonging to the goddess Nemesis.

KATHERINA: Latin form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning "pure."

CALLIGENIA: Latin form of Greek Kalligeneia, meaning "beauty-born." In mythology, this is the name of the nymph nurse of the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone.

Nicknames: Taya, Kat, Blue.( prefers Kat or Blue. Blue is because she always wears her blue hood. like little red riding hood but blue XD she also prefers if a full name is used that people call her Katherina.)

Gender: Female

Age: 1763 years of age. physical body 20 years of age.***

*** will be explained in the history.

Stage: Raichu

Type of Magic: Fire, Ghost

Rank: High Rank Mage

Weapon: magic

Natural Moveset:
-Iron tail

Magic Moveset:
-Destiny Bond
-Phantom Force
-Shadow Claw

-Blue Flare
-Fire Fang
-Mystical Fire
-Sacred Fire


-Proud, she is proud of what she is capable of doing and in her ability to protect those she loves and the people of Vesma
-Courageous, is not afraid of the fights and battles to come
-Friendly, finds those with good hearts and is very kind towards them. willing to help others.
-Calm, although she is calm in most manners she also has a short temper.

-Proud, her pride sometimes gets the best of her.
-Aggressive, her pride and courage has given her an aggressive side towards those in which she sees evil.
-Short-tempered, her calmness is short lived. if she asks something she expects an answer and she expects it quickly. she doesnt tolerate foolery and disobedience very well.
-Unwilling to accept defeat, this will one day, again, be her defeat for herself. she pushes herself too hard.

Combat style: Magic

History: She was born lost in a land of time and magic. Her parents were skilled in the ways of magic and had raised her in the pagan/wiccan religion. When she was young, a war raged and her parents had to decide to send her away and save her life or to try and protect her and hope for the best. They had decided. She was sent away to live in the village of Vesma. a village that had also once held meaning as a land of time and magic. She continued to study the ways of magic and the pagan religion. soon the war that raged in her lands before had began to come towards the village in which she had resided. She was now old enough to make her own decisions and she had decided it was time to help in this fight. she had fled to battle. unafraid and trusting in her ability to protect herself. she had brought along a staff made of steel and copper. She was hoping to protect this village and to protect the new found loved ones. She did not want to let her parents have died in vain. She would be the hero. the war raged on and she fought hard and proud. Sadly, she had fought as hard as she could and would eventually fall to the enemy. although her physical form had suffered and died, her spirit lived on to protect the people of Vesma. she roamed the earth as a spirit and a guide for many many years. After 1,743 years of roaming the earth alone and unwanted still protecting those of good hearts she was summoned by a young girl the age of 20 wishing to protect the people and to help her family. She decided to show herself to this girl and to speak with her. After a while of conversing Adrastia had decided to do what the girl wished but at a price. she would posses the body of this young girl. To do whatever it took to protect the girls family and to once again regain her form to protect the village and the people. she was back and she was not going to lose the battle again.

Likes: kind hearts, the people of Vesma, the pagan religion, her memories, art, apples, noodles

Dislikes: people with dark in their hearts, disrepect, disobedience, defeat

Fears: to fail those she loves, to fail her dear friend whoms body she now possesses.

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