CotW--Cypress Picture

Cypress from my story "Center of the World." He's a kid who was best friends with a boy called Hyacinth. When Hyacinth died (I won't tell you how, I'm assuming you'll read my story at some point), Cypress joined the group of Apollon (who is attempting to find the center of the world (hence the title) and reach Heaven to meet his father, the Dias. The title in Japanese (which is in the upper left-hand corner) is 神代に奇跡的な旅行 (Kamiyo ni Amazing Journey), which means "The Amazing Journey in the Age of Gods."
PS: He doesn't have only one eye, that's just an artistic technique for this illustration. People have been asking me all day (twice) about it. And the broomstick is just random stuff.
-----------------------------------------------This picture's not really finished yet... I drew it out yesterday, and was colouring it in in screentones today, but I didn't get time to finish it before I left for my dad's house (he doesn't have Paintshop Pro XI), so expect a fully screentoned one later in the week (to anyone who's watching), as well as a coloured version.
EDIT (And I don't feel like getting rid of the stuff above.) Saa... This is my second time submitting the edit, deviantART went into read-only in the middle of my typing the artist's comments, and I can assure you that they were better last time, so feel bad. Anyway, this is way better in full screentone, especially with the updated text in the corner (I did that with the magic of Microsoft Paint). I'm planning on submitting three more like this, of all the rest of the main characters in the story, as well as one that features all four at once. Next up is Andromeda.
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