Bully OC: Mitch Rademacher Picture

Yes, I made a Bully OC.


Down below is her Bio (Most of it anyway. Just too lazy to do the rest at the moment.) The blank character sheet can be found here: [link]
And yes. Mitch is a girl.

Mitch belongs to me.
Bully belongs to Rockstar Games.


Biographical Information:

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Michelle Zénaïde Rademacher (mee-SHEL zay-na-EED rada-mah-kur)
Meaning - Michelle (Who resembles God?), Zénaïde (Life of Zeus), Rademacher (Wheel maker).
Set Age - 15
Certified Birthdate - November 19, 1997
Astrological Sign - Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac - Ox
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Mitch (Nickname given to her by her dad. It‘s also the name that she goes by most often with people she considers her friends).


Distant Descendants : Swedish, Dutch, and Irish.

Dominant Descendants : German and French.

Physical Description:

Hair Color - Auburn Brown, in a sort of pixie cut.
Eye Color - Brown
Weight – 136 lb
Height - 5’5
Typical Clothing Wear : Typically men‘s clothes. She‘ll also tend to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes. Will avoid anything that’s girly.

Figure/Build - Average, leaning on the skinny side. Has some muscle, most notably her upper arms. Has a small, underdeveloped chest.

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – She has a birthmark in the shape of a heart on the back of her neck. She also has a gap in between her front teeth.

Explain: Her birthmark has the appearance of a heart, but not exactly shaped like one. The color of the birthmark is very light, almost borderline albino.

Tattoos: None.
Piercings: None.
Frequently Worn Jewelry: Hardly ever wears jewelry unless her mom forces her to (If that’s the case then it’s usually some kind of necklace).

Personal Information:

Current Living Arrangements - When she’s not at Bullworth Academy, she lives in a home in the forest with her dad Karl and mom Marissa.
Originated from - Washington state.
Traveled Territories - Canada.
Hobbies - Writing, drawing, and playing sports.
Fears – Being rejected, bullied, and bees.

Religion/Beliefs – Agnostic

Why?: Even though her parents are Christian, she has her doubts about religion in general.

Health Behaviors:

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – None.
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other] - None.
Why?: None.

Any regular medication taken? – No.

Chronological Information:

Profession - Bullworth Academy Student
Likes - Sports, writing, learning (to an extent), and animals.
Dislikes - People staring at her, hot weather, people who flirt with her.
Goals/Ambitions – To be a writer or a psychologist.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience - When she finally stood up to the bullies that were constantly harassing her.
Story behind experience: After years of getting bullied by the same people, Mitch finally decided that she couldn’t take any more of it. After school during fifth grade, when the bullies came over for their usual taunting, Mitch took it upon herself to teach them a lesson. Mitch fought her bullies, ultimately winning against them. After that day, hardly anyone at her old elementary school would mess with her. However, Mitch got expelled from that school two days later.

Weapons/Equipments - A metal baseball bat that she got for her eleventh birthday.

Personal Attributes:

Personality - Mitch is a very independent person with a stubborn side to boot. Mitch has a cold and cynical exterior, and when you mess with her she’ll fight back. On the inside, however, Mitch is an insecure and shy person who doesn’t know how to express herself honestly.
Strengths - Assertive, generally strong-willed.
Weaknesses - Keeps her true emotions hidden, can come off as arrogant.
Good Habits - Turns in her assignments on time and a hard worker.
Bad Habits - Bites her nails, gets angered fairly quickly.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - She tends to chew on things, mainly plastic items, such as plastic toothpicks.
Stereotype - Tomboy (along with other names that she has been called when bullied).
As you know them better (and you like them) : Loyal, fun loving, and rebellious.
As you know them better (and you hate them) :  Phony, mean, and risky.

Ratings on Personal Qualities:

Physical Strength : 9/10
Mitch was involved in sports as a kid, in an attempt by her parents to try to get Mitch to come out of her shell. Although not very athletic at first, Mitch began to admire sports and thus began to do them more often. It also gave her an advantage in fighting as well.
Attractive : 5/10
She’s somewhere within average when it comes to physical appearances. Some people may find her cute, and in rare cases hot, but Mitch doesn’t really seem to care all that much whether or not anyone finds her attractive.
Honesty : 8/10
While her honesty can sometimes be blunt, Mitch will tend to speak her mind on most topics. Mitch is completely honest with the teachers, but when in public, she’ll put on a mask to defend herself.
Rule Abiding : 9/10
Since a friend of her mom’s teaches here, she wouldn’t be able to get away with some things. Some other times, her mom’s friend will let her have a free pass. Mitch can be sneaky at times, thus being able to break some rules here and there from time to time.
Sociability : 3/10
Mitch grew up as a very shy and insecure child, and was a victim of bullying. As a result, this caused her to withdraw from social life. One day, however, she couldn‘t take the bullying anymore and began to lash out at the ones that bullied her. Mitch grew cynical and cold, but still retains her insecure side. Mitch is polite to the teachers at Bullworth, but doesn‘t appear to be too nice to the other students, unless you take the time to dig deeper.

Bullworth Academy Information:

Reason for enrolling: Mitch got expelled from the last schools she was at for fighting. To try to bring out their daughter’s more innocent side, they send Mitch to Bullworth Academy, where a friend of Marissa’s teaches.
Clique - Non-clique
Standing and Rank in Social Circle  - n/a
Room Number – n/a
Roommate(s)-  n/a
Favorite Subject(s) – English, Geography, Phys Ed, Art, and Mythology
English: Because she likes to read and write.
Geography: Because she likes learning about the world.
Phys Ed: Because she likes being active.
Mythology: Because she likes mythology in general.
Art: Because she is an art enthusiast.
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Math
Why?: Because it’s a struggle for her to get.
Favorite Teacher – Ms. Phillips
Why?: Because she encourages her students and is generally nice.
Least Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Peabody
Why?: Because she is far too strict and has a strong dislike for men.


Language(s) – English, and French (Fluent).
Schooling Level - Sophomore
Expertise – Phys. Ed.
Chemistry - Midst
Math - Lowest
English - Highest
Geography - Midst
Politics/Law - Lowest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Midst
Shop - Midst
Botany/Biology - Midst
Mythology - Highest
Art - Highest
Photography - Lowest
Reading Level - High Literacy Level

Overall Intelligence Level(s) -

Intrapersonal: People with intrapersonal intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are introspective and seek understanding. They are intuitive and typically introverted. They learn best independently. Some common character traits for people with this intelligence level is that they are introverted, prefer to work alone, philosophical, self aware, intuitive, and independent. Careers that match them the most are psychologists, philosophers, writers, and theologians.

Extra Information:

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Most vegetables and fruit, along with steak.
Favorite Drink(s): Water, tea, and protein shakes.
Disliked Food(s): Cake, any kind of foods that are too sugary or sweet.
Disliked Drink(s): Any kind of soda (with the exception of Mt. Dew).

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) - Perfect by Simple Plan, Mercenary by Panic! At The Disco, Move Along by All American Rejects, Dream On by Aerosmith, and There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Greese.

Scent – Tomatoes
Favorite Color: Blue, Silver, and Red.
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Animal: Ferrets
Favorite Music Genre: Rock

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