Russiac Symbolism 1 Picture

Part 1 of my reference pictures depicting the Coat of Arms, Emblems, and Symbols of Russiac, from the planet's mythology to its continents to even the different dimensions of the Waripan Realm. ^_^

This particular picture depicts the Coats of Arms of the eight Major Gods and the two Major Goddesses. If you are knowledgable in Astronomy, it shouldn't be too hard to guess which holy body possesses which Coat of Arms. But for those who aren't, here's the possessors from top to bottom, left to right:
Stars => Helios, the Royal Inner Major God of Stars
Elements => Mercury, the Inner Major God of Elements
Nature => Venusi, the Inner Major Goddess of Nature
Life => Gaia, the Outer Major Goddess of Life
Mind => Sage, the Inner Major God of the Mind
Violence => Ares, the Inner Major God of Violence
Royalty and Dark Matter => Zeus, the Royal Outer Major God of Dark Matter
Loyalty and Time => Typhon, the Outer Major God of Evil
Water => Poseidon, the Outer Major God of Water
Phenomena => Hades, the Outer Major God of Phenomena

And so that you have a sense of what each domain means, here is a description of each:
Stars - This domain involves the matter part of the cosmos, from light to heat to just plain stars themselves. This domain does not involve black holes, however, nor anything else dark matter.
Elements - This domain involves the scientific elements found on the Periodic Table of Elements, along with their derived compounds and mixtures. Fields within this domain commonly double up in the Nature and Water domains, and includes sub-domains such as Toxins, Liquids, Radioactivity, Acids, etc.
Nature - This domain involves the natural elements, sans Water (though fields within this domain commonly double up in the Water domain as well as the Life and/or Elements domain). Unlike the Life domain, the Nature domain works with abiotic things such as rocks as well as with biotic things such as plants. This domain includes sub-domains such as Respiration, the Food Web, Plants, and Rocks.
Mind - This domain involves sub-domains such as memory, analysis, evaluation, emotions, love, etc. It is much less dependent compared to its counterparts, and rarely doubles up with other domains. However, there are exceptions, such as the Vision sub-domain, which doubles up with Nature. In most cases, if this domain doubles up with any other domain, it is usually either Nature, Loyalty, or Violence.
Violence - This domain involves hostility, both physical and mental. It is a self-explanatory domain, and includes sub-domains such as War, Strategy, and Greed.
Dark Matter - This domain involves the cosmos, most notably black holes. It is the antithesis of the Star domain, and is the only domain to lack any sub-domains.
Royalty - This domain involves the importance of one thing over another, and is sometimes referred to as "Monarchy." An example of a sub-domain in the Royalty domain is the Sequential Order sub-domain.
Loyalty - This domain is commonly confused with the Royalty domain; though their names make it appear that they are similar, the Loyalty domain only occasionally doubles up with the Royalty and Mind domains. It instead heavily doubles up with the Life domain, and involves sub-domains such as Corruption and Darkness. Together with the Time domain, the infamous Loyalty domain is known as the "Evil" domain. It involves the affiliation of one's heart, and works with the Life and Mind domain in processes such as determining whether an organism is good or bad.
Time - This domain is revered as one of the most powerful domains of all; as such, its father, Typhon, was given an entire dimension so as to prevent him from revolting. Usually combined with the Loyalty domain to form the "Evil" domain, the Time domain has very few sub-domains. It includes sub-domains such as Seasons, Hours, and Minutes. There is no Major God that possesses the Time domain; however, the God of Time is the eldest son of Typhon, and so Typhon is generally regarded as having the domain.
Life - This powerful domain involves two distinct fields: things that are alive, and things that are dead. Unlike the similar Nature domain, the Life domain only works with biotic organisms--clusters of matter with the capability to live. Sub-Domains within the Life domain include ones such as Death, Ghosts, Evolution, Reproduction, and Lifespan.
Water - Originally when Helios and Zeus were creating the rest of the Major Gods and Goddesses, Helios had included water as a sub-domain in the Nature domain. However, water was found to have too many sub-domains of its own, and so Zeus made it into a full domain. The Water domain involves anything that has to do with water, though biotic organisms are as a rule excluded from the domain. Sub-domains include those such as Precipitation, Clouds, Ice, Evaporation, and Dryness.
Phenomena - An anomaly that is generally looked down upon by the other domains, the vast Phenomena domain involves the strange things that only partly fall into other domains. The most prominent of these sub-domains is the Aurora sub-domain, which is otherwise a faction of the Elements domain's Plasma sub-domain. Other Phenomena sub-domains include some such as Light, Color, Spirits, Metamorphosis, Reflections, Sound, etc. It should be noted that some include the Time domain as a sub-domain of the Phenomena domain.

I hope this peaks your interest! X3

Helios, Mercury, Venusi, Sage, Ares, Zeus, Typhon, Gaia, Poseidon, Hades, Gaia Roots, Paintbrush Bulls, Chasmas, and the Time Brothers (c) 2004 Me
Gaia's Symbol (c) 2006 Me
The Coat of Arms (c) 2007 Me
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