Fall_2011_Ponies Picture

Four ponies I've drawn this pas semester during class... I know they aren't that great but, well... They were drawn during class and I used my phone to upload them... x.x

TL: Zeus the Alicorn. During Mythology we were on the... Prometheus myth I think... And the professor said something like 'When Zeus discovered he was tricked what do you think he did to Prometheus?' or something like that... Seeing how I am very much a 'Trollestia' believer, it was very hard for me not to yell out 'TO THE MOON!!'. Needless to say, I had Zeus pony do it for me. Cutie mark is a lightning bolt, mane and tail were meant to be kinda, like, curly and stuff, like, a beard kinda deal? Yeah... And, fancy-ish wings. Basically just white/gray.

BL: SnowShoe, pretty much my pony self. Was orignally a picute with her looking down at a pony for
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