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(ancient on the left - futuristic on the right)

Main characters of my top 10 most developed original series.
Decided to just cut it simple and play with lighting when my main focus was to just get their concepts down. That and some conception for logos (some already had logos) ..and others none at all.

**The big focus here is I need more input. I took as much time as I could rewriting some Prologues(for the less developed) and some Synopsis(for the more developed) of each of these stories.
While quit a number of them are similar ..what with plots to over throw a ruler and gathering others who can help, or day to day life drama's with spirits thrown in.. It all stems from personal interest in the subjects ..favorite time periods ancient b.c. to 1st century, 1920's, modern, futuristic and just fantasy clashes.. I need to catch your interest!!

***!!So please read and rate your favorites to least favorites!!***

Characters, Art and Stories © Katsumi-Koukon

Top 10 Series List

***Destroy Factor (developing since 2008)
In ancient times clans inhabit the lands striving to survive and establish peace with the beast of the world. A particular clan had accomplished this and had begun flourishing. Some say it could have become a city or the largest in trade and goods. However it met it’s demise one summer night as a strange star came crashing down in a strange flame destroying the town and half it’s people. Some say though that there were survivors. Those survivors however were no longer as they once were. A piece of that mysterious star now resides with in each of them. Keeping them alive, and giving them unique and strange abilities that make them a threat. Those who know of them fear them or hunt them down in the belief that only the gods should have such power. But the survivors themselves understanding this power realize it is their life force and may not last long. Rulers decided to higher the strongest of these survivors, now called Destroyers, to help them find and kill the others in order to create peace and to steal the very life source from their former clan member. Although this gives that destroyer greater strength the rulers believe they can control them. The world is unstable now, destroyers battle across the land and cause great cataclysms for the lesser good and selfish needs of man. It’s all just ready to fall if nothing can be done.

***Spirits of Hexelem (developing since 2000)
Seikra was found at sea, the only surviving member of her family and orphaned at a young age. Growing up in the temple of the water islands she grew close to the priest there and later took his place inheriting his magic. A day came when the emperor called for her to come to the palace and bring the other two priest of the east continent with her, Mondo and Genki. They are sent off on a journey to the other side of the world to help aid the spirits of the dead from a large shipwreck. In this world there’s a large prejudice between easterners and westerners. For in the east they live in the greatest of conditions making those of the west that live in constant danger of the elements envious and seen as savage people. Seikra, Mondo and Genki continue on a journey through the world to unravel a great war brewing, plots to over throw the emperor and the truths about the priest and priestess of the past. All of this leading up to a great cataclysm of deeper magic power within Seikra, that no one may be able to stop.

***Tia’s Oath (developing since 2004)
As a Royal bodyguard it is Tia’s sworn duty to protect the Princess of Ahamo, Maia, a strong willed young girl. However she is not to succeed the thrown but rather her Brother, Kai, who is being driven into darkness. After persuading her father countless times, he will not deem her heir and in his old age is naive to see the evil in her brother. Maia decides she can neither stand by and watch what will become of her country or do anything more to help her brother, therefore leaves to the west in search of a new life and something to help her brother. Tia holds the royal oath she took at a young age to protect Maia in her father’s place and leaves on a dangerous adventure and rescue mission, that lead to ancient secrets about herself, the royal family and the gods themselves.

***The Water Carrier (developing since 2004) The world is an ocean with many islands and mythological creatures, and the primary means of travel is mainly by sea. On the island of Ogygia there is a legend that warriors will be picked every hundred so years to leave the island and go on the quest to keep the elements of the world; wind, water fire and air in harmony. These warriors are born under their astrology signs, however Ogygia is secluded from the rest of the word and their queen whose intentions are suspicious keeps all knowledge of astrology a secret. Cyan, Luna and Dredge are summoned as the warriors all having their own goals in life see this as the opportune moment to fulfill those goals with the queens forceful bribe. They set sail to defeat a great evil to the south east only to find their mission a lie and a plot for their own demise. They team up with the most unlikely of characters to travel and learn about the world and astrology. They soon discover the queen’s plot to summon and control Typhon; a great a terrifying beast. Finding out they aren’t they only one’s the stars have chosen, they seek out the alliance of the other astrological warriors to open the sacred horoscope gate and summon the power of Zeus.

***Kurenai Kaze (developing since 2008)
Setting out to find his fortune in the city, Laurence the son of an immigrant family finds himself jobless in Chicago and at the end of his rope. During the Prohibition act of the 1920’s he finds a small speakeasy to find an escape. However finding instead a mysterious musician named Dairen and Valor the daughter of the speakeasy’s owner, who dreams of becoming a famous singer. After Valor is suddenly kidnapped he and Dairen set out on a wild and dangerous rescue. Dairen reveals he’s more than human and that Valor is a queen of sharpshooting. Laurence, caught up in all the fire, becomes involved and is then forced to work at the speakeasy to stay protected. Although glad he now has a well paying job he’s sent out on illegal bootlegging jobs and other odd chores that could get him killed. An action drama story that mixes blood and whine . . . that is so to speak.

***Capitan of Souls (developing since 2005)
Reinou moved some years ago leaving the only friends he had. One day the people around him begin to have their souls stolen. The tv announcers call it a small epidemic, but he can see creatures taking them away. He trys to tell his parents only to have them say he’s lost his mind and watch before his eyes as theirs are stolen as well. Running out to the streets soulless people lye about. Reinou begins to panic as he’s approached by one of the soul thieves but is quickly saved by a smaller strange green creature, Mu-ki. Following it to a clearing near a park a Flying sea Ship suddenly comes down from the sky. He is reunited with his childhood friends who had found the flying ship in their town. His friends, Kohaku and Kan tell him that the necklace he always kept with him, because they gave it to him as a goodbye present, they had found in a shipwreck and was some how connected to the ship. Making him the rightful captain. Although happy to see one another again they find out souls are being stolen out to space and is happening all over the world. They decide sail out to space and travel to other worlds following the stream of souls in order to save them. Discovering there is a larger being out there stealing souls to become stronger and rule the universe they face the truth that they’ve been chosen to destroy it and need to become stronger in order to do so. Their travels bring them to mysterious planets where they are able to learn magic arts and fighting skills as well as how to make new friends.

***With No Sound (developing since 2008)
A story about a group of friends who all go by nicknames as to refuse their given names and the life their parents gave them. Their nicknames are based on either a significant event, just something about them or their personalities. One of which is Pet who lives alone in an old apartment and was reluctantly made part of the group but never fully accepted as member. Another is Loe who sees the loneliness in his eyes but is too submissive to stand up to her friends and reach out to him. Pet comes home after a short encounter with the group and passes out. Following this he begins to encounter the spirits that dwell in his apartment and becoming their new friend and prey. Told from the views of all these friends they all begin to realize their faults and how much they truly need one another in their darkest moments.

***Set Me Free (developing since 2004)
Eliot was now becoming a high school student and felt he was ready to make an important decision in his life. His two parent being divorced he lived with his Dad and visited his Mom in London each summer. His decision now was to try a year with living with his mom instead and transfer to the prestigious school there. Finally getting his dad to budge he feels he’s taken his first step in taking his own path in the world. That is until the sun sets on his birthday and he’s possessed by a girl’s spirit and not only that but his body changes as well! Searching through his mom’s home office he comes to find out that he once had a twin sister whom mysteriously died in his youth. But why can’t he remember her and why has she come back to live once more? And why through him?! With the help of his cousin Kenly, and the spirit-reaper disguised as a student Drake, he tries to aid his sister Elie in finding answers to put her soul to rest. But is he willing to say goodbye to the only sibling he’s ever had? As they take turns living in the same body things get hectic; loosing sleep, fighting spirit thieves and ghouls, as well as all this gender transformation! Covering up this secret till it’s all solved will be no easy task.

***Bounty Hunt (developing since 2005)
Gemini is one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters. She’s finally come down to the last bounty on her list, once she has capture this one she will have the title of leading bounty hunter of the galaxy for over 500 years. Tracing down this bounty would be no easy task as the criminal’s ship is capable of time and space manipulation. After tailing him at a port she’s able to sneak on to his ship. However it suddenly takes off and the galaxy’s police are closely chasing after. She contacts the police and asking them to stop their chase and that she’s got it under control. However they plan to drive him into a planets sun and dispose of her to. The police depend on their jobs and the bounty hunters are getting in the way. Gemini refuses to die. Taking control of the ship she saves them both and they evades the police. She captures her bounty and goes to turn him in as well as sell his ship. Only to find out she’s now become the most wanted criminal for teaming up with him and at fault for the deaths of that police squad. She and her bounty team up to evade the police although she’s relentless to allow him to continue his crimes he lets her stay. They set off to travel the reaches of the galaxy and for Gemini to find a way to clear name.

***Project Geranium (developing since 2005)
Tenka is daughter of Tomi Ryuujin: General and sister to the ruler of the Vigne Monarchy: in a flourishing city of technologically and an advanced world. However if there is no heir before his death the Monarch will have to give his thrown to Tenka. Unbeknownst to her, her mother has other plans for her when that time comes. Now turning 18 she only hopes to learn more about their city and country she’s kept secluded from to become a great ruler. That is until her royal birthday celebration is crashed and she's kidnapped, taken far away from the city. She faces horrible truths about her world and joins her kidnappers forces against her own mother’s plots to over throw all the worlds government.

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