The Rescue - Pencil Art Picture

I got really inspired by another of my random ideas for a new story about when Umiai's really close friend, General Laodares follows a cruise ship off of the Greek mainland. He does this deed at the request of the human Queen of Atlantis, Arwen Pearl who's greatly concerned about an upcoming sea storm with lightning.

Underneath the churning ocean waves as tall as houses all of the Atlantean army units are on the look-out to rescue the newly-arrived archaeologist interns for the pre-Grecian dig site Arwen Pearl and John Wing lead together. The rest of the humans are left to drown in the ocean by the will of Poseidon and Zeus according to those of the Atlanteans.

A young human woman, Sophia Day who's a double major in history and mythology gets rescued by a very protective, yet compassionate General Laodares. Love the emotions.

Hope you like it a lot, Hannah-chan!
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