*ASTERIA* Picture

My oc Asteria in her Kamui(?)

Ancient Greek: αστερια
Equivalent: Star
Father: Ceo
Mother: Febe

Mythology of Asteria
ASTERIA was the Titan goddess (perhaps) of the oracles and prophecies of night, including prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars (astrology), and necromancy. She was the mother of the goddess Hecate by Perses (the Destroyer). After the fall of the Titans, Asteria was pursued by the god Zeus. She fled his advances, transforming herself into a quail and leaping into the sea where she became the island of Delos. Her sister Leto later sought refuge on the isle and there gave birth to her son Apollon. Asteria appears in Athenian vase-painting alongside the other Delian gods--Apollon, Artemis and Leto. She is often labelled as "Delos."

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