Eloise Surana Inspiration meme Picture

As people like this kind of things and love Eloise, I did an inspiration meme for her as well as I did for Ewan ([link]).

1: In-Game Eloise (Yilois, actually, see point 4). She was born as a test character to see how the mod Karma's Companions work. She went through her Joining and made the Circle, Redcliffe and Sacred Ashes quest, but then I had to restart her playthrough because Karma updated the mod. I made her a female mage because two things: first I wanted to see if I could manage to make a character looking like Tori Amos (see point 2), second because in Karma's mod Jowan and Cullen could only be romanced by a female the first and a female mages the second, and I wanted to test the romance dialogue of her mod as well. And as Cullen could be recruited only by siding with templars ([link]) she did it. With a huge effort by my side who wanted to tell Greagoir to shove off and stick his Right of Anulment where it belongs...
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