Danae and Golden rain Picture

Danae ( Δανάη) - in ancient Greek mythology daughter Акрисия, the ruler of the Argos and Евридики (or Аганиппы). In the Mycenaean texts a name of the certain deity?: da-nwa. Mentioned in «Iliad» (XIV 319).
As Acrisius was predicted that he would be killed by the son of his daughter, he concluded Dana in underground copper house and put her maid. Zeus, charmed by the beauty of the woman prisoner, and penetrated to her in the form of Golden rain and impregnated her, she was born the son of Perseus. When Акрисий heard the voice of the child in the dungeon, he gave orders to execute servant and Dana forced to declare who the father was. Not believing her, when she called the father of Zeus, he signed it with a child in the box and ordered to throw the box. [5]. Some believe that it actually seduced Pret. Copper chamber in the underground house, where he was kept Danae, showed in Argos.
Waves mailbox brought to the island Серифу, ruler of which, Полидект, soon kindled a passion for the scene. Freed from his persecution due to his son Perseus, she returned to Argos.
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