Pallas Athena Picture

The Greek goddess of wisdom and justice. I had drawn a picture of Athena a long time ago but had lost it. So this is a re-draft of the same picture but instead of using crayons like I did with the first, I used pencils. Took me about two hours to draw and color.

I can identify with Athena's personality on certain levels. In Roman mythology, she is known as Minerva; goddess of wisdom, war, and justice. The Romans added the war part to set her as the counterpart of Mars (in Greek, Ares), the god of war. However, I think Athena is way cooler than Ares. If you read the Illiad, she runs him through with a spear and he goes off whimpering to Zeus and Hera about her violence. Needless to say, Zeus sends him away after basically calling him a 'wuss'. She is the symbol of feminine strength, beauty, and wisdom.

A gift art for two friends...
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