The Romantic Scrooge Picture

The Romantic Scrooge

So I'm the daughter of love
and the mother of heartbreak
My personal motto:
Every spoonful of sugar is followed
by an injection of poison

Everyone says that I'm the harbinger of misery;
my reputation befalls me as falsely as that
of my uncle Hades
How is it that the flames and torture of hell
mean more to my tortured heart than
the dandelion fluff and happiness of the Elysium Fields?
Dear Uncle, if you could spare a favor,
soak all of the ambrosia out of my veins
and slap shackles onto my bare wrists

Zeus, shoot me with your lightning bolt
and melt me into quick silver that the great Hephaestus
will mold into something that will truly service the world
I've made my mind up; I want my peace
No more being the bud that grows into the rotten apple
Because even if I'm the hardest book to ever be read;
who would ever empathize with my natural role
and see how much horror and bitterness it instills me
If only my job wasn't necessary, but it is

Ever since the dawn of abstract thought in humans,
love slowly crept in and became a concept
Then, just as the lovely Aphrodite and Cupid started
shooting arrows and blowing kisses,
I was given a gun full of black steel bullets
I was the one that had to shoot a lovedrunk heart
into a million broken shards and glass pieces
I had to watch the tears, the anger, the bitterness...

Even if my role does lead to growth and future happiness,
there's not enough cases to keep me from feeling heavy as lead
After so many years of destroying secret romantics,
I wonder if I've destroyed any world views or spirits
Mine is a pessimistic nature and duty
But when I do see my work lead to strength and determination,
it makes me wish, wholeheartedly, that everyone
could be so strong and diligent despite how fragile the heart can be

Those moments are what keep me reloading those bothersome bullets...

Posted the original poem on my other account here: [link]

This is, by far, one of the most cumbersome and complex pictures I've had to make this semester for class. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, considering my little experience with Adobe Illustrator, let alone the gradient mesh tool.
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