Swallowed up by Cronus Picture

The first story of the Greek mythologies. About Cronus, Rhea and their children. Cronus and Rhea were the parents of Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and the two youngest, Poseidon and Zeus. At first it was all good, but gradually began to Cronus fear that sooner or later he would suffer the same fate as Uranus (Cronus father). Therefore, one day he devoured so many of the children as he could, but Rhea managed to hide Zeus. Instead, she gave Cronus a stone wrapped in a bundle and he swallowed instead of this.

The picture is made and interpreted by me. It took about a week to draw this picture - it would have taken faster unless you had so many tests and homework from school. I started to paint with regular markers and kritpennor - then I added that little special effects - as shadows and improved deep valleys - in Photoshop. During that time with Photoshop, I have learned to do their own smoke. It was a little failure as the barely visible and the color of the smoke to be darker. And you can not imagine the pain I had when I was doing with that program. I'm not good at photoshop ... : (
Something I could do better on where the grass. Everyone thinks it is a kind of green sea. All characters are based of mythologies. I mean almost anything! The clothes are probably based or copied from the original. [link]
Why Demeter and Kronos became a red-haired? Well, I watched a TV program called: mythic warriors guardians of the legend. [link]
Persephone had red-haired and then I thought that Demeter could be that too. Though my Persephone have not red hair but the color light brown. Since Persephone's father - Zeus (my verision), he is brunette. So I had a lot of luck lots going when I started to paint this picture! I forgot also Hestia. Whoever is in Cronus belly is Poseidon and I have not made ​​any sign that Hestia is in the picture .... Who cares. Then I got the idea of making all the girls get the father's hair and the mother's eye color - boys get the mother's hair and the father's eye color. Why did Hera get brown hair then?!
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