Hebe Picture

Holliday Grainger as Hebe Cupbearer to the gods and Goddess of eternal youth

Hebe is the daughter of Zeus and Hera and she is the wife of Hercules. She is also the sister of Ares, Hephaestus, Eileithyia. Hebe married Heracles just after he had obtained immortality, and the couple had two sons, Alexiaris and Anicetus. Through Hebe, Heracles also gained eternal youth, much to the dislike of Hebe's mother, Hera, who was fighting against Heracles constantly. Hebe residence was on Mount Olympus. Usually, she was preparing the chariot of her mother Hera, or taking care of her brother Ares, by dressing him with magnificent clothes, preparing his bath and washing his clothes.
Mainly, however, Hebe acted as a servant to the Olympian Gods, pouring sweet nectar into their glasses, until Ganymede, the lover of Zeus, was brought to Mount Olympus and replaced the goddess. Hebe is mainly seen as the goddess of youth. She is also the keeper of the Fountain of Youth and she is (or in other myths, was) the cupbearer of the gods. She is sometimes said to be the patron of brides as well as the goddess of forgiveness and immortality. The only myth that Hebe is really seen in is when she gave Iolaus youth for one day so that he could fight his enemy, Eurystheus. Hebe is always seen as a young goddess because she is the goddess (and sometimes the personification) of youth. She is sometimes shown with wings. She is said to be uncharismatic and clumsy.

Symbols: Chalice - A decorated cup. This was her symbol because she filled all the gods' chalice's with ambrosia.

Fountain of Youth - In mythology, the Fountain of Youth is a special fountain that can only be summoned by Hebe. The water that ran inside of it could make any person forever young.

Sarced plants: Lettuce - This is because sometimes it is said that Hera became impregnated with Hebe only be eating lettuce.


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