My Greek gods Picture

I have been writing almost non-stop the past two days and my brain almost died.

Ali: It's true. It was actually kinda funny when she started drooling all over the key board.

Quiet you! Anyway, I needed a break but I was out of Shakespeare ideas so we're moving on to one of my other obsessions. Greek mythology! These guys are my four favorite gods. Yes, it's still going to be a guessing game so that I feel like I'm less of a lazy lob.

contestant numbah 1- Got around. Has almost as many children as Zeus

contestant numbah 2- the eldest of the Olympian gods

contestant numba 3- the reason all actors are alcoholics and/or crazy (I felt ridiculous when I made his outfit and I still blush when I look at it but it was just so dern fitting. The Greek gods just weren't a very modest bunch, ok?)

contestant numba 4- Hot. In a literal sense.

p.s. The "Iron Baker" bet is still on. Jack just hasn't 'found the perfect recipe' yet.

Jack: I haven't! I'm baking it for them, remember? I need to choose a good flavor.

Me: *rolls eyes*
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