"12 Golden Warriors" 2 round Picture

Well, here are the last sketches I made from a serie I really have to produce lol... Its my greek version of the golden knights from Saint Seiya, just that the concept and the story will be totally different... It'll be focused in ancient greek mythology and history, and as there are 12 knights (in my case warriors) there will be 1 knight for each high god in Olympus (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Artemisa, Apolo, Afrodita, Hermes, Hefesto, Dionisio, Athena, Demeter)

His godess in charge is Demeter, as so, the Bountiful Goddes of Harvest gave him the Double Spear of Fertility and Shortage. The Shield of Virgo wields the power of earth.

His god in charge is Hermes, as so, the God's Messenger gave him the Clubs of Chaos. Libra's shields wield the power of air, and combined they create the ultimate defense; the Barrier of Equilibrium.

His god in charge is Dionysus, as so, the personification of drunkenness and joy gave him the Spear of "Alienation or Melopea" I haven't decide the name yet (he carries it in his helmet). The Axe of Scorpio wield the power of water.

There are still many changes to do, 4 warriors to make, the hole study of the gods and enemies... You'll get to know more as I submit the older and the newest sketches.
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