gods of the fourteenth Picture

having stressed greatly that i loathe Valentine's Day with a burning passion, i decided to throw you all off by actually drawing something for the day.
Eros is the name of the Greek god that the Romans ripped off for their concept of cupid. Aphrodite was his mother, the goddess of love. Now, numerous people i know on dA are already fully aware that Erros/Cupid and Aphrodite/Venus are quite possibly my favorite mythological figures to make fun of, with only Zeus, Pan, and the Egyptian god Set rivalling that position. So naturally, to give me a regular and frequent excuse to mock them, i created characters based off of them in my Total Chaos storyline. they're more background characters than anything else but i mean come on -- Eros was designed to be made fun of. THAT is quite literally his outfit.
it depresses me so much that the first holiday i've acknowledged with a drawing on here is my most hated one. i mostly did this because some friends of mine do enjoy the holiday for one reason or another. in any case though, i might put up a full-body picture of Aphrodite tomorrow. i've got one sketched out but the finishing details are pissing me off so i'm not doing it tonight.
*rant finished*
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