Horn of Plenty Picture

Title: Horn of Plenty
Size: 36(W) 40(H) inches
Year: 2008
Medium: oil on canvas

What is horn of plenty?

a)A goat's horn overflowing with fruit,
flowers, and grain, signifying prosperity.

b)Greek Mythology The horn of the goat
that suckled Zeus, which broke off and
became filled with fruit. In folklore, it
became full of whatever its owner desired.

I should notice that my horn of plenty is
totally different from all above. It is
possible even to lower that fact that my
horn belongs to the cow. My horn is alive.
It grows and bears apples.

I have very interesting sensation around
the top of my head when I'm falling asleep
at night. I can feel a breeze like there is
invisible gate at the top which is open.
Could it be the channel of filling by ideas
and energy? In the other words I can feel like a tree's growing from my head.

So I've got one more name related to my artwork, the idea's name. It goes just like this "The horn is a tree trunk growing from a cow".
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