Wolf God Line Art Picture

Ok, so the wolf god doesnt have a name yet >-> He used to be named Torra'Kon, but that's being changed.

Hokay. So. Here's the lines for the wolf god of my Mah'Haeya people. Fake people need a fake religion, right? ok, so maybe they don't, but I'm making one anyway because I'm an over achiever that way. ANYway. Wolf god = Zeus in Greek mythology, the god of everything and such, yadda yadda... Decided to post the line art before I colored it because... idk, I can? Good enough.

A note on the randomness... In the Mah'Haeyan world, all 'wolves' have hooves, weird ears/noses, bone plating on their faces, and quills. This guy has antlers and is really tall because he's the wolf god.

If you want to color it, y'know, I really don't care. Just dont claim it's YOUR line art, YOUR design, or YOUR character. And link me plz, I would love to see.

Will be posting his ACTUAL colors here when I get around to coloring him. =3=

This Whole Idea And Lines (c) Netherguard
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