Zero - Rough Picture

This is a rough outline for a new character of mine called Zero. He's set in ancient Greece and has an alternative character ( basically a minor history change) on Agnara.

He was for a 'Create your own Greek Myth' thing. But it was abandoned. Anyhoo here's the myth if you're interested it's a wee bit cliched but I wasn't very clever with it.

Zero - Zero's father was king of a small city nearby the sea named Carolos. Zero's father, known as Deo, was a callous tyrant who had several sons before Zero. Deo's wife was called Hebe and was a very young woman at the age of eighteen, married to Deo at fourteen years old.

Hebe fell very ill with plague; there wasn't a way for her to survive she had been weakened by her many pregnancies. So Deo went to the sea and called on Poseidon for aid, instead he was met by Aphrodite. Aphrodite promised his wife's health, in return that Hebe's next child be born as Aphrodite's mortal son, not as Deo's. Deo agreed out of desperation.

Hebe recovered over a few days and soon after that fell pregnant despite having not conceived with Deo for quite some time. Deo at first began to anticipate the birth of a god-son, but he received a fortune from a priest that Aphrodite’s son would be the death of young Hebe. Deo began to resent the child that wasn't his and several times tried to poison Hebe so she would miscarry. She sought out the aid of different gods, but they refused her, all except Hade’s agreed but demanded a price. Hebe agreed. Slowly Deo’s fixation with removing the baby from his wife’s stomach became violent at which Hade’s upheld his end of the bargain. Deo died from grotesque illness only days after he hurt Hebe.

Hebe’s first son, Pyralis, took to the throne and the city settled into a peace. Hades took what he wanted when Hebe’s son was born. Both Hebe’s life and her son’s eye sight.

At first Aphrodite’s son was raised by Pyralis, who felt strong hatred towards him for being the cause of both his mother and father’s death. He went five years without a name, until he was called Zero. He was raised as a servant to his brothers until he was the age of fifteen, eventually his brother, Ptolemy, consumed by his hunger for money and whores, sold his brother to slavery.

And that’s as far as I got with it.


Whoa I actually like his hair O.o I hate the way I draw hair though, tis' a pain and not to nice to look at
I like this character. He's my first Blind greek one
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