The Pantheon Cover Picture

This is the cover for my book, Olympia Heights: The Pantheon. It is a collaboration. My mother-in-law, Terry Strickland, found the model and took the photo. The text on Olympia Heights was made by me but my sister-in-law, Carly Strickland, tweaked it in illustrator. The design is a collaboration by all three of us. Terry and I worked out what we wanted and Carly did the final adjustments to make it all work together.

Thanks to Nick, our model, who is also an artist.

"They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but for Zach Jacobs, that just isn’t true. It’s hard enough being seventeen-- juggling school, football, friends, and teenage romance-- but Zach’s about to find out just how complicated it can get when he begins to suspect that maybe he was the lightning. Teenage woes hardly seem significant when you’ve got lightning shooting from your fingertips and a couple of murderous Titans trying to settle an ancient score."

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