Zeus + Odin Picture

OK, let me explain.

I was vivting my aunt and her family sometime this christmas, and we all (me, her, her husband and my two cousins) played Trivial Pursuit. My uncle got the question "What was the name of the greek god Zeus's wife?". I, my aunt and both my cousins were like; "we know that", "that's easy", but my uncle had to think long and hard about it.

And after thinking long and hard he said, very seriously, "Odin."

We almost died laughing. An my uncle was just staring at us and had no idea what was going on, until we reread the question to him (turns out he had misunderstood it). Then he laughed with us and made a few jokes about Zeus being gay, befor saying "Oh, you want the official story".

I just had to draw it.

It was a fun night
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