Letrix Galvan Picture

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Name: Letrix Galvan

Name Origin: Letrix - Electric, what her psionics are adept at controlling. Galvan - Galvanize, 'to subject to the action of an electric current, especially for the purpose of simulating physiology' i.e. part of how she attacks

Handle: staticParalysis (SP)

Symbol Origin: Pokeball. Her lusus looks like a Pikachu.

Gender: Female

Age: 7 sweeps (about 16-17 human years)

Hive: built in the branches of the tallest tree in the forest where she lives, supported by lightning-bolt-shaped supports

Blood: Burgundy/Maroon/Rust (Aradia's color)

Quirk: *Heeeeey, how are you do1ng? Got any b1g plan5 1 can be a part of? Well?* (Starts and ends with *, calling them sparks, i = 1, s = 5, otherwise normal, but often speaks casually as well)

God Tier: Maid of Space (not yet)

Moon: Prospit

Instrument(s): Piano, Keyboard/Synth, Voice

Land: Land of Lightning and Frogs (Consorts: Sparky Yellow Frogs, Denizen: Zeus)

Fetch Modus: Jitters (cards rapidly flip through in order. hope you click on the right one!)

Ancestor: Voltress Electrix

Dancestor: Sparik Galvan

Personal Quote: "*5o what 1f 1'm a lowblood? 1 can 5t1ll make a d1fference.*"

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