Clash Of Lies Picture

This is a drawing of Jim Caviezel and Sam Worthington. Jim as Jesus and Sam as Perseus.

Yesterday my wife and I went and saw the movie Clash Of The Titans. I was amazed at how closely the Perseus story mirrored that of Jesus. Or maybe more precisely, the story of Jesus mirrors Perseus story. Born unto a maiden the sea offers up Perseus. Perseus son of Zeus a god. Born from a maiden Jesus is born, savior of mankind. Jesus son of God. Both of the characters are demi gods. But the similarities do not end their.

Both of them are tested and pass.
Both of them are given gifts from god.
Both of them enter into the world and overcome evil

The writers of Christianity could not come up with something original. So the ripped off Greek Mythology and invented Jesus.

I was amazed to learn this so I got a Greek Mythology audio book and as I was drawing this art journal entry I discovered other blatant rip offs that the bible takes. Hercules calmed the seas as he flexed his bow at it. Jesus calmed the seas as as his disciples coward below. Then their were floods, and men losing their wives because of their lack of faith.

The bible and all it's stories are not this pure form of religion. Its a collection of stories stolen from other stories far older.

By the way Clash Of The Titans was not bad. It was exactly what I expected it to be and it was a lot of fun.
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