Persephone and Hades Picture

>"If it's a boy I will name him Hades"
//has character named Persephone
how awkward

Persephone and Hades are two people from Greek Mythology. According to it, Persephone was the beautiful daughter of Demeter and Zeus. She was so beautiful everyone wanted her, including Hades, god of the underworld. She was flower picking or something one day, and that's when he snatched her up and made her his wife and kept her in the underworld. When Demeter found out she became enraged, and made it so the earth was infertile. Zeus didn't like this blah blah they made an agreement that Hades could still have Persephone but only for 1/3 of the year then she could go back to Demeter the end //hit

...Persephone knows this
so if she meets an infernape named Hades
she will be like NOOOO GO AWAY NOOOOO ...oh uh hi //shotdead

hades doesn't actually exist yet, and there's a chance he won't even be a boy xD (a small one, but it's still there!) this is just a funny little doodle~ it sucks I know, but it's just for humor yep ewe

...oh yeah hades is a shiny infernape- //hit

Persephone is mine uwu
Hades doesn't exist yet so nope //kicked imean-- once she gets a shiny infernape it will belong to Bekah :U
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