CHR 101 - Collab - The Myth of Cronus Picture

It had been foretold that one of Cronus's children would grow up to kill him, and so to avoid this fate, the titan would swallow each of his newborn children whole. It was in this roundabout way that Zeus escaped his fate, grew older, and in order to both rescue and avenge his fallen siblings, he killed his father. By attempting to change his fate and mess with all of that strange time shenanigans--what, no that sounds good Alexei, that's totally academic, stop complaining and meddle with the flow of time, he somehow managed to actually make the prophecy come true. This counts as a time loop, right?

This was the first thing that came to my mind when reading the prompt, and as a baby satyr faunfolk, Stephiros is very familiar with Greek mythology. He managed to wrangle along another of his classmates with him so that he wouldn't have to present alone.
Ankdros had her lines finished quite a long time ago and I took til the last minute to do my part, I apologize.
They are "dressed in Greek-style clothes" in order to be more accurate to the story. ...So yes. Steph is not wearing clothes. He is "going Greek," so to speak. ;D

Why was Alexei so hard to draw, I don't know. I love him so so much and I had fun but I struggled, and I spent so long on this and could have easily spent more hours and days working on this. I'm not used to shading that sort of skin anymore, I guess? Oh well, the next collab I do with Ank/the next time I draw him, I'll do better.
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