Hades Icon Picture

HI!! I plan on using these for character pages in my manga, Godz Today, and feature a short profile for each character with them! Here be Hades! *fangirl squeal*

"Hades is Zeus’ oldest brother and the god of the dead and the Underworld. Placid, quiet, and intelligent, he’s a refined man who enjoys soap operas and baking. Unfortunately, he’s inhumanly awkward and has the attention span of a brain-dead gnat, so he’s constantly running into things and forgetting what he’s talking about. For the most part, his family on Olympus dislikes his company and general awkwardness, but he’s been showing up a lot lately in search of conversation. Hades has a strange quirk of screaming like a little girl if he gets riled up, but is generally emotionless and only smiles when he’s around his wife, Persephone."

Lineart made in Paint *40 minutes 'cause he's the hardest to draw...* and finished in Manga Studio Debut *15 minutes*!!!

If you got a question....ASK ME , DAMMIT!! *laughs maniacly
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