Argos and Hermes - revised 8D Picture

(This is a challenge entry on theO. I apologise in advance for the lengthy descriptionXD Skip if you wantXD)

Who knows the Greek myth about Argos and Hermes? I'll tell ya what it's about, in a nutshell.

It started with the upper god Zeus being in love with yet another mortal girl (yeah, that happened a lotXD) and this was one too many for his wife Hera. She went after him while he was flirting with the girl (called Io). He quickly turned Io into a beautiful white cow. Hera wanted to have the cow. She then told Argos, the dog with 100 eyes, to keep watch over her. Zeus got very angry and called for his son Hermes. He would have to put the dog to sleep (close all 100 eyes at once!) and - get rid of it, to set Io free.

Now in the original myth, Hermes had a flute. But seen as for this challenge, it had to be given a modern twist, I chose to depict him playing the saxophone!
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