Shaushka UNCOLOURED Picture

The Hurrian and Hittite goddess Shaushka, Shawushka or Shaosga. The Hittites and Hurrians were people from Anatolia 1800-100 BC (something like that). The Hurrian mythology, which was adapted by the Hittites (just like many of the Greek myths were adapted by the Romans) and there are some similarities with Greek mythology. The supreme god was the Storm-Deity Teshub/Taru/Tarhunta/Ishkur. He became king of heaven after he enthroned his father Kumarbi, who enthroned his own father Anu who enthroned Alalu... Teshub is same as Zeus, Kumarbi as Kronos and Anu as Ouranos. Teshub also had an enemy like Zeus' Typhon: Iluyanka.
Shaushka, who was the Hittite/Hurrian equivalent of Babylonian/Assyrian Ishtar and Sumerian Inanna, was the goddess of love, fertility and war. She possessed great healing powers for which she was known even in Egypt. She has two female attendant, Ninatta and Kulitta, similar two the Greek Charites or Graces. As goddess of love, I identifie her completely with the Greek Aphrodite and the Roman Venus.
Her pose is based on following pottery painting of the Greek goddess: [link] The goddess's outfit is based on drawings of Shaushka: [link] Her dress looks complicated but she has a very interesting and fantastic iconography, as most Hurrian and Hittite deities.
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