1st Advenutre time 0C Picture

Name: Cole
Species: Human
Rank: Demigod (formerly), Revolutionary Assassin (now)
Age: 16
Likes: Nature,Weapons and others
Hobby: making the children happy
Dislikes: Evil gods/creatures
Personality: Naive (sometimes), Friendly, Aggressive and Kind
Powers: powers from the gods (in Greek mythology) and the chained blades
Relatives: Andro (brother)
BIO: Cole was born in a forest his parents status are unknown, he is adopted by Zeus the king of the gods, when he is 5 he is a student of Kratos the god of war (in greek mythology Stryktide), he learned the abilities from Hades (defenses), Zeus (aggressiveness), Kratos (brutal attacks) and Poseidon (offenses), from 10 years of training he is now a warrior since 10, when he is 11 Kratos died from a unknown assassination the gods were upset of his death his ashes were transfered to Cole as the new Marked warrior, and the new god of war is Nomedos the first student of Kratos, 3 years later Cole knew the killer is Nomedos, he reported to the gods, Cole will have revenge for what Nomedos done the gods help Cole to stop Nomedos, Cole fights Nomedos, but Cole was illusinated by Nomedos, Kratos helps Cole fulfill his honor to him, Cole finishes Nomedos off with the help of the blade of the gods. the death of Nomedos, he is replaced by Cole as the new god of war.

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