Chaoskampf Picture

Update: I forgot to add his tail spines and fudged up toe arrangement.

Hai Dar Salaruis, long time no see.
This image has been done inked for a while but I fucked up during the inking process (HANDS) but now that I know SAI I decided to use the image as a basis and get me situated in drawing kaiju/monsters in SAI...GOOD, FUCKING GOD.
I've worked on the image for better part of the day I had to have three separate Lineart Layers for Scales, Wings, and Overall Body and multiple coloring layers (two for wings, one for the silver colors, one of the red colors, one for the yellow, one for blacks and two for the shoddy BG), and I consider Salaruis a SIMPLE character to design, I shudder when I look at my GM kaiju like Cycalla and C'thun all I see is multiple layers of nightmare fuel.... that said he came out spectacularly well, not bad for my first go with a monster in SAI.

The title comes from the concept of ChaosKampf, too quoth Wikipedia:
"The motif of Chaoskampf (German for "struggle against chaos") is ubiquitous in myth and legend, depicting a battle of a culture hero deity with a chaos monster, often in the shape of a serpent or dragon."
This concept has been present since ancient times, from Christianity (St. George vs. Dragon or more broader: God vs. Satan), Hebrew (Yahweh vs. Leviathan) Norse Mythology (Thor vs. Jörmungandr), Greek (Zeus vs. Typhon) Japanese (Susanoo vs. Orochi), Zoroastrian ( Θraētaona vs. Aži Dahāka), all the way back to Sumerian mythology itself with the Trials of Nirnurta, Gilgamesh and Enkidu vs. the Bull of Heaven and Marduk vs. Tiamat. And those only scratch the surface as every culture on earth has this same sort of story present in their mythology.

This concept has been one I've been playing with for Salaruis for a long time albeit I didn't know the name of the concept of until recently, which considering his slightly revamped origins, the symbolism fits all too perfectly.
I may edit this in with a human character for scale, as it seems humans and Salaruis scaling varies from artist to artist, lol.
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