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Fyerno being the superpowered hot mess that she is~ 8D

...That's about it. xD Not too much to say about this one.

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I've been in a slump lately... OTL

I guess this would be a good time to start telling you more about my characters? xD Here we goooooo~

Name: Gryselda von Schultz
Alias: Fyerno, Engel
Goddess: Eternity
Age: 23
Nationality: German
Birthday: February 22
Gender: Female
Current Occupation: Barney’s New York employee
Past Occupations: Fashion Designer
Weaponry: Gold Revolver/katana (it varies.)
Powers: Telekinesis, flight, Umbrakinesis

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver
Complexion: Porcelain pale
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 156 lbs.

Girly, a bit of a party animal. Independent. Sometimes self conscious, other times confident. Oblivious, stubborn. Not the kindest person you’d ever meet, but is kind without trying to be. Humble, kind of a bit of a hot mess.

So... Basically, there are all these Gods and Godesses, kinda like Greek mythology, but then the titans attacked the heavens and they had to take refuge in human bodies. In her body, she's basically got the equivalent of Zeus, the ruler of that whole little... deal... thing. xD
So basically, her life is like... reliving all the stuff that happened in mythology, but in more of a realistic human form, and a lot of that is her trying to break free from that and to live her own life. Eventually in the 3rd book (when she looks like this) she does break free, and well... her life kinda crumbles? xD
But ANYWAYS she has a lo of romance. -u- But more on that later. xD


Fyerno and the art both belong to meeee~ 8D
The story (Vanilla Extract) belongs to me and ~cookiechan-chan~
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