Hercules and Megara Picture

Hercules with his wife Megara, daughter of king Creon
Hercules was a legendary hero, well known in the ancient Greek mythology, in The Legends of Olympus. Hercules was the son of Zeus(the God of all Gods) and Alcmena (a mortal woman with whom Zeus fell in love). He was known for his great strength and bravery, and most of all for his 12 work that he had to bare. Hera (the Goddess of war) had always hated Hercules and when he got married, she made him crazy enough to kill his kids. As a punishment, Appollo (the God of light and music) has punished him to pass over 12 hard works.
Some of the pictures below reflect Hercule's fight and his bravery, which made him immortal between the Gods. You can find them at the Hoffburg Palace in Vienna.

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