The Titans Picture

The titans I did until now, all together for a group picture. They're not dimensionally right. Some you know, some you don't. let me tell you who is who and, if you can't tell, where they came from:

1-Typhon, titan of fire, master of chaos,
2-Leviathan, titan of water;
3-Lerna, titan of healing and parasitism, daughter of Typhon and Echidna. Tribute to the Lernean Hydra and Venom;
4-Echidna, titan of evolution;
5-Ladon, titan of poison, son of Typhon and Echidna. Tribute to snakes and Randall Boggs;
6-Behemoth, titan of earth;
7-Nemio, titan of battle, son of Typhon and Echidna. Tribute to the nemean lion, Wolverine, Smilodon;
8-Sangumud, titan of rot, daughter of Leviathan and Echidna;
9-Orthrus, titan of pollution, son of Typhon and Echidna. Tribute to Hexxus;
10-Rhea, titan of nature. Tribute to the gorgonopsid;
11-Kraken, titan of currents, son of Leviathan and Echidna. Tribute to the Kraken, Jaws, and the Evil Manta;
12-Cronus, titan of time. Tribute to silurian scorpions;
13-Ziz, titan of storms. Tribute to the thunderbird
14-absent WTF?
15-Phix, titan of light, daughter of Ziz and Echidna. Tribute to the dinofelis, the Winged Dragon of Ra, and the Blue Eyes White Dragon;
16-Nosdrah, titan of darkness, son of Ziz and Echidna. Tribute to Dracula, Gyaos and the Red Eyes Black Dragon;
17-Fenrir, titan of ice. Tribute to Werewolves and Hydros;
18-Psyla, titan of psyche, daughter of Behemoth and Echidna. Trybute to the Mothman and the old Gheeria;

There we are. Sorry for the 14. I have to thank some people for suggesting me to take ispiration from ancient creatures rather than modern, and I have to explain that I didn't made the Sphynx daughter of Typhon because that'd be too much, so I messed up the cards a bit. Yes, that bitch of Echidna did it with almost all the other titans XD.
Note that i added Cronus and Rhea, you know what this mean? Yep, greek gods incoming! they'll not be titans, however, and I'm gonna mix the greek and the egyptian gods to make these beings, that will be the heralds of my own gods, if not, sometimes, the replacements for them. They'l have the form of the egyptian ones and the powers of the greek ones, more or less.
Ra+Zeus= eagle-like god of light and lightning, king of the other gods;
Anubis+Hades= hound-like god of death and the underworld, dark and, sometimes, demonic, even if not really evil;
That's it, well more or less. however, it's titans we were talking about, so...

There are still some titans missing, so let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. upcoming Titans:

Tarasque: titan of earthquakes, son of Behemoth and Echidna;
Peluda: Titan of destruction, probably son of Behemoth and Echidna, but I'm not at all sure of his father...and not even of this thing's sex!
Stheno: Titan of fatality, dunno her parents.
Uranus: titan of space and sky;
Apopi: Titan of death, son of Leviathan and Echidna (OR dragon god of Wyrms, created from Typhon's tail. which one you think's better?)

Dunno about others for now, I'm up on looking on other mythologies than just greek, egyptian and norse....even if its a hell of a job! BTW, could you tell me if the idea of typhon's heads for the dragon gods would still work? I'm seriously thinking of making just one dragon god, for if you remember I said that, no matter which form it has, a member of the dragon family has to be called dragon. Making a god for each species does not look like a good idea...I got a so big headache!
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