Prometheus Bound Picture

I was distressed to discover that my sketchbook pages are just a wee bit bigger than my scanner, hence the slightly screwy scan job. I was not amused.

Last week in my Classical Mythology class we were talking about the Prometheus myths, and part of the readings were some scenes from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.

Prometheus is my favourite of the Greek immortals, and his conversation with Hermes, when he is sent by Zeus to get information from the imprisoned Prometheus, is kinda great.
Though my writing is tiny, so you probably can't read any of it. Alas. Here it is:

Prometheus: I have seen/ Two tyrants tumble already from that throne,/ And the third fall will be the most precipitate,/ The most abject of all. Do you imagine/ That these new gods can make me cringe? If so/ You are much mistaken. Go back the way you came/ And tell your master, there is no reply.

Hermes: Still unregenerate! Such gross impertinences/ Have landed you already where you are.

Prometheus: I am not inclined, believe me, to exchange/ My place for your obsequious errand-running.
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