Persephone Picture

Persephone - Wishbone Ash

There's a light that shines on persephone,
Always a fire in her eyes,
And the last time that I went to her
I could tell things weren't right.

I just don't care to see your years go wasting,
There's no longer magic in your eyes.

In your time, you could outshine everybody else around,
But your off-stage ways might be a bore -
You take a bow, you take a fall.

I came to be here in the footlights,
To live with you through every song,
And your face displays a peaceful field.
I can't believe the curtain has to fall.

Now I know your years were never wasted,
Tonight I saw the magic in your eyes.

I've always had this tremendous fascination for Greek Mythology and Persephone was my favourite goddess because everything about her seemed so mysterious and I felt like I had something in common with her.

For those who ddon't know about this goddess, she was kidnapped by Hades (If I'm not mistaken in his name, that's his Portuguese name, at least), god of Hell and she lived there. During that time her mother, Demether (if I'm not mistaken either - God of Nature and fertility) cried and the earth dried and the weather was dull and cold. So Demether and Hades made a pact: if Persephone spent half of the year with Hades and the other half with her mother, the earth could be ploughed again and Spring and Summer would be brought back.

Persephone is known as the goddess of the spirits and establishes the "bonds" between the living and the dead.

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