Wives of Heracles Picture

Ah, yes, just a few of the many women in Heracles's glory-filled life. And believe me, these are just a few of them. While only three of them actually make an appearance in my stories, they are all mentioned and all were a part of his heroic (and not so heroic) life. Within my stories, there are only Deianira, Iole, and Hebe, who gets her own story in which she meets Heracles. The other two, Megara and Omphale, are really only mentioned and talked about, but never really seen outside of Heracles's own memories.

Megara-(far left) Megara was Heracles's first wife and bore him two sons. Now for awhile things were good and happy, until Hera cursed Heracles with a fit of madness and caused him to kill all his family. And thus began his life as a hero and he embarked on his Twelve Labors for King Eurystheus. He does not speak of his first wife often, but when he does, he always speaks fondly of her. While not incredibly beautiful, often having been called "merely pretty", she was Heracles's first love, having fallen in love with her compassion, kindness, and patience. He also remembers her as a very forgiving but quiet woman who was always a bit of a shy enigma.

Omphale-(left) While not exactly a wife of Heracles, they were together for quite some time, a few years. At one point, Heracles was in her service as a slave and during that time they wore each other's clothes. I actually am not making that up. According to the myth, he wore dresses while she wore his lionskin and got to swing his club around. I imagine that must have been fun for her, not so much for Heracles. Anyway, after his term as a slave was over, he stayed for awhile as Omphale's lover. Then at some time later they broke their relationship off and he went on his way. Omphale is one of those strange, really-wild-in-bed but kinda strange women as Heracles prefers to refer to her. He recounts their relationship as enjoyable, but very strange. Omphale is rather independent and straight-forward woman who enjoys living life to the fullest.

Deianira-(center) Heracles's second wife, Deianira is quite the spitfire, if a little insecure. She is incredibly beautiful and the envy of many women, especially considering her marriage to a well-known hero. Unfortunately, their marriage is not a peaceful one, as she and Heracles often argue quite loudly and belligerently. One moment they love each other, the next they're shouting at each other and can't wait to get rid of each other. Deianira is also rather jealous, however, given that Heracles has certainly given her cause to be so, one can't exactly blame her. She is very proficient in musical ability and finds it very soothing when in a foul mood. She ultimately is the one that kills her husband unintentionally in an attempt to make him love her and only her.

Iole-(right) Iole is Heracles's last wife as a mortal, though according to some versions she was only his concubine. Whatever version of the story of how he attained Iole you read, it's pretty much a given that he abducted her and took her with him, killing one of her brothers in the process. Within my stories, she is the young princess of Oechalia, a young girl in her teens who is kinda ditzy to be perfectly honest. She in very beautiful, but very precocious and is ever trying to play the seductive temptress, despite her age and inexperience. Her father, Eurytus, cares for her deeply and hopes she will mature and stop her games of flirtation with age, but makes sure to scold her from time to time. When the great hero Heracles shows interest in her, she is more than happy to return his advances and become his bride. However, this sparks Deianira's jealousy and results in Heracles's death. 

Hebe-(far right) When Heracles died, he was allowed to become immortal and reside on Mount Olympus with the goddess Hebe, goddess of youth, as his gift bride. This goddess has always fascinated me. She is a daughter of Zeus and Hera and unlike her gorgeous, stately, every inch a woman to be taken seriously mother, Hebe is child-like and innocent in appearance, despite the fact that for the majority of her story she is around the age of thirty. Yes, even as an adult she still looks no older than fourteen if she's lucky. If she's unlucky, people think her to about twelve, which she finds to be quite the nuisance. So very often she tries to look older using cosmetics or different clothes, but sadly, it's never very successful. Hebe is very determined and dutiful to the point of being a workaholic as she starts to strike out on her own as a goddess in the story, wanting to be known as her own entity and not just as the child of the king and queen of the gods. She starts by restoring an old temple near Argos under the guise of a priestess to herself. Within a few years, she is doing quite well in becoming her own goddess. Within her story, Hebe meets the Argonauts, her future husband Heracles among them (and neither of them getting along very well with the other), and all around kind of grows up.

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